Sharing Flows

Flows are shared with the corresponding report, job, and connection.

For sharing a Flow with a fellow team member, visit your Flows page and select the "Share" in the context menu. Alternatively, you can also access the sharing feature from the navigation bar when you're inside a Flow.

After clicking on "Share," a pop-up window labeled "Share Flow" will display. Within this window, utilize the "Add people" field to include any team member in your Flow. You have the option to grant them either editing or viewing privileges (further details on these are below). Once you've made your selections regarding the individual and their permission level, simply click the "Share" button. Your team member will then receive an email notification and can immediately collaborate with you on the Flow!

You can always use the "Share" button to check the list of individuals with access to a Flow, modify their permissions, or completely revoke their access.

Please Note: If you can't find your teammate's name in the "People with access" section, it indicates that they haven't joined your Tabula team yet.

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