Converts value to the time type

ToTime("12:45",TimeFormatTemplateOption.`HH:mm`) → 12:45:00.000
ToTime("13:19:45.001",TimeFormatTemplateOption.`HH:mm:ss.SSS`) → 13:19:45.001


ToTime(value, format, [location], [replaceInvalidWith])

  • value - A value to convert into a time

  • format - Enum ‘TimeFormatTemplateOption’ with the corresponding format of the value, TimeFormatTemplateOption.HH:mm

  • [location] - [optional: UTC by default**]**

  • [replaceInvalidWith] - [optional: null by default**]** - invalid values will be replaced with this parameter


You have to select the actual (not output) format of the value in the second parameter.

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